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Quake 2 Tools
Quake 2 Servers
This is your one stop place for updated Quake 2 servers.
I am on Q-spy. Look for me, my name is Deth.
Fixes 3dfx memory leak
This patch fixes the memory leak that can happen during
long play.
The new patch 3.20
This is the last update for Q2. 3.20 is the final release version from Id.
Your not playing online unless your playing Lokis Minion's Capture the Flag
3dfx driver updates.
The new Glide drivers make a world of difference.
This prog allows you to view Quake2 models fully
textured! Uses 3dfx.
Console commands.
These are a must for real gamers to tweak the game.
The 3DFX tweak prog.
Use with caution! Read all documentation before doing anything!
Quake 2 tweak
This is a Quake 2 tweak prog, again use with caution and read all
documentation before doing anything!

The new Q3. Trinity is over and Q3 is the new dog!
Blues news
A must have Q2 link. Go here and see why!
Planet Quake
Planet Quake. Get "LMCFT" capture the flag. The best of the best.
Stomped Q2 secrets
It's more fun to find 'em by yourself, but here they are anyway.
This is one of the best.
Not much here yet, but this will be a great site in the future.
Diakatana features 64 monsters and 32 weapons.
Half-life Homepage
This is a great game. AI is the best so far.
A great game. Lighting is nothing short of Unreal.
The gaming site.
Id's HOMEPAGE! Go here and order the game. Demo available.
Quake 3 Arena.
Kingpin is a new 1st person that looks really good. Demo 100+megs!
Doom 3.
DOOM 1&2 stuff
I still play these games and probably always will.
It will be interesting to see what people will do with
the Doom source code. I hope they take some of John's
suggestions and implement them. GLDoom, oh yeah! 640X480!
Trinity??? Check out the bottom of the page. I guess Trinity is not to be. Now its Doom3 that rocks!

The QUAKE 2 Killer By, id.
Agent Fox Mulder